Jan 2017 Travel Style

I’m in the ‘happy-as-a-clam-but-only-in-a-dress’ stage of pregnancy, so I bought a TON of them for the trip.  It’s just really nice not having a waist band restricting both the baby (and my comfort level) at this point.  It’s going to be...

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Style Jan 2017

YIKES! The first ‘style’ post of 2017 and I’m feeling like: ‘whoa, time is going way too quickly for my liking’.  It’s really freaky how far along I already seem to be in this pregnancy and we still have so much to do!  But it will...

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House dress

I’ve been very eager to find a proper ‘house dress’ that would be comfy enough to throw on while still looking super cute and current.  I finally found this one from: VICIDOLLS that I’m absolutely smitten with.  It’s soft and flowly and hides child stains, snot and...

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Cute new threads in ‘Style’

Check out my July outfit in the ‘STYLE’ section.  This online shop has all my boxes checked  – super stylish – very reasonable – exceptional service (and most importantly)  – keeping momma looking put-together Happy...

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Directly after being asked to write an article that would potentially be used in Birthmark Magazine, you could have stripped down to your birthday suit, danced a fancy gig and told me you were going to shave my head and I wouldn’t have noticed.  I was in...

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Wow, what a month. Everyday in May outfit of the day was probably one of the coolest things that I have ‘had’ to do lately.  I really, really enjoyed it.  It made me feel accountable for what I was putting on my body daily because it forced me to think about...

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Everyday in May OOTD #30

 Today’s look is just comfy and casual.  We’re back into the school run with errands and shopping in the middle followed by playdates and then dinner.  Our weekend was jam packed so I’m happy to say this Monday isn’t going to be too...

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Little Red Dress

 Funny enough, this is actually my third outfit of the day.  I wore casual cozy Saturday clothes this morning to do chores, then I changed to a cute middle of the day outfit for a matinee that I attended and then this is what I wore to my Dad’s birthday...

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Relaxed denim

 Well, we’re back to reality here as you can see.  I’m in some serious boyfriend jeans and a tank to do hard core travel laundry all day long.  But guess what?  I don’t mind too much .  In fact, it’s nice to have a ‘down’ day at home were all...

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OOTD #24

As promised – Date night attire Romper: Cupshe via Instagram Hat: Urban Behaviour  Pumps: Zara Sunnies: Prada Rose: Really good stuff – can’t remember the name  We’re going out for Italian (in Mexico) which makes me laugh.  The...

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