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Check this out – I just read a book called ‘Steal Like An Artist’ written by Austin Kleon. It hit me hard, like – smack you up side the face hard (in a good way). It broke my ego down just enough and then when I was feeling sorry for myself, it handed me a...
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Writing for Glow Magazine’s Feb issue!

I really do wish that I had some form of contact with my grade 7 english teacher Mrs. Anderson and my grade 12 English teacher Mr. Haynes. Two outstanding leaders (and humans) who I know would be thrilled in the most subdued and classy way to learn that I now have a...
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Designing Homemade Cameras with Gymboree!

Well friends, we are currently in month four of living in a snow globe and I’ll be the first to admit that the term ‘cabin fever’ is beginning to feel like a gross understatement around here. My brain has been on hyper drive coming up with unique indoor activities. ...
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Four Year Update for our Princess!

Scarlet’s four year Update! Well, I didn’t anticipate THIS creeping up on me so soon, but here we are – in full fledged toddler/big girl mode and I’m so in love with my daughter that it makes me feel like a crazy person sometimes. She has officially turned FOUR...

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34 WEEKS Pregnant!

How far along are you? 34 weeks ! How are you feeling? In terms of the ‘cold’ – I’m feeling a bit better. I am currently working hard on not working, but that takes work for me. I aim to enjoy as much time (as possible with two kids) to chill during the day and...

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33 Weeks Pregnant!

How far along are you? 33 weeks which is a little over 8 months. How are you feeling? Better this week – still not 100% but much better in terms of the cold. Any weight gain?  1 pound this week putting me at 138 pds. New symptoms? Nothing new this week except...

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Mar Style 2017

Today’s OOTD! You’ll have to excuse the lack of creativity in terms of poses – I’m still super under the weather and it was a struggle to even have the energy to take these few pics (also hence the late post – it’s actually early...

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32 weeks Pregnant!

How far along are you? 32 weeks How are you feeling? Unfortunately, quite sick. I’ve come into contact with a cold that has totally attacked my sinuses. I can’t breathe through my nose! It’s awful. I’ve attempted the Netipot, I’m constantly drinking tea and sipping...

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31 weeks pregnant!

How far along are you? 31 weeks! How are you feeling? Pretty good. If I can eat a few smaller meals throughout the day – I’m happiest, but I can’t help myself with food sometimes! We were at my parents place last night and my mom made the most delicious dish and...

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30 weeks Pregnant!

How far along are you? 30 weeks! Holy smokes – due date is really creeping up! How are you feeling? I’m feeling well. I’ve made a really strange but wonderful discovery in this pregnancy concerning my sugar intake. Basically, I realized that I was having a...

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29 weeks Pregnant

How far along are you? 29 weeks How are you feeling? Bigger but also good. Any weight gain?  1 pound this week putting me at 135 pds. New symptoms? Heartburn and leg cramps (funny enough – it’s just in my right leg right before bed).  I’m also EXTREMELY...

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March ’17 Eats

I had a serious craving for syrup this morning so we made french toast with banana slices and papayas.  I also had Komodo Dragon Starbucks coffee with whole milk. Lunch was leftover Thai food from dinner last night.  One of our favourite restaurants, Chill Island,...

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