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Check this out – I just read a book called ‘Steal Like An Artist’ written by Austin Kleon. It hit me hard, like – smack you up side the face hard (in a good way). It broke my ego down just enough and then when I was feeling sorry for myself, it handed me a...
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Writing for Glow Magazine’s Feb issue!

I really do wish that I had some form of contact with my grade 7 english teacher Mrs. Anderson and my grade 12 English teacher Mr. Haynes. Two outstanding leaders (and humans) who I know would be thrilled in the most subdued and classy way to learn that I now have a...
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Designing Homemade Cameras with Gymboree!

Well friends, we are currently in month four of living in a snow globe and I’ll be the first to admit that the term ‘cabin fever’ is beginning to feel like a gross understatement around here. My brain has been on hyper drive coming up with unique indoor activities. ...
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Push Prezzie

I’ve never been one to ask for a gift, in fact, when I first heard about push presents (prior to having any children), I scoffed at the idea and thought ‘those selfish mother’s – don’t they know that the BABY is the gift?’.  Well,...

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Meet our baby!!!

Welcome to the world sweet boy! Maksim Robert James Weiland (Maks) Born May 19th 5:53am at South Heath Hospital weighing in at 6pds 13oz, 20 inches long and just he’s just the sweetest little soul. Our first week with Maksim! Well, I’m probably going to jinx myself by...

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38 weeks pregnant!

How far along are you? 38 weeks! How are you feeling? Like I’m holding a bowling ball in-between my legs…cooonnnnnnstantly. Any weight gain? 0 pounds this week keeping me at 143 pds. New symptoms? Lot’s going on the symptoms zone… For starters, I have had this...

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May Eats 2017

Breakfast: Oatmeal with bananas and peanut butter.  Whole milk Nespresso Vivanto latte on the side. Lunch: We had roasted turkey last night so I made a left-over turkey sandwich with lettuce, avocado, salt and pepper all on top of my favourite bread – Silver...

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37 Weeks Pregnant

How far along are you? 37 weeks How are you feeling? Ready to have a baby!!! Any weight gain?  1 pound this week putting me at 143 pds. New symptoms? I’m nesting like CRAZY! It’s hilarious. I’m normally a very clean person but I’ve really noticed this week that it’s...

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May Style 2017

Well – these are probably the very last pregnancy style pictures of this pregnancy!  WHOOO HOOOO!  I have to laugh because neither one of these pieces are maternity.  I was in a non-maternity mood today.  I’m off to go and see a show home later this...

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36 weeks pregnant!

Two shots of my wonderful maternity session with professional photographer and friend Chelsea Broda!  I’m getting the rest of the pictures soon!  These are from her IG account: @chelseabroda_photography How far along are you? 36 weeks How are you feeling? Dare I...

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April Eats 2017

Breakfast: Two slices of Silver Hills bread with peanut butter and one half with sliced banana – the other with cinnamon.  Apple juice and Coffee with milk. Lunch: It rarely happens, but when it does – it’s a really good day. The kids had...

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April 2017 Style

This morning I took Scarlet to a birthday party – I swear ever since preschool we’ve been attending bday parties every weekend – sometimes two!  It can be super fun catching up with the other moms but really very exhausting! I chose a comfy maternity...

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35 weeks pregnant!

How far along are you? 35 weeks How are you feeling? Stuffed up – again. This is week 6/7 of this cold. ER MAH GERD… Any weight gain?  1 pound this week putting me at 140 pds. Apparently baby is gaining lots of weight in these last few weeks so I suspect it will...

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