Four Year Update for our Princess!

Scarlet’s four year Update! Well, I didn’t anticipate THIS creeping up on me so soon, but here we are – in full fledged toddler/big girl mode and I’m so in love with my daughter that it makes me feel like a crazy person sometimes. She has officially turned FOUR...

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Scarlet’s birthday party prep

Nate and I agreed (as we usually do each year) that for Scarlet’s fourth birthday party we would keep it as small as possible. We would invite a few of her preschool friends and a few other close friends over for a few hours on the weekend. The decision was made...

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Christmas Decor at the Weiland Home

 Front door wreath Let’s continue with this pic.  In my opinion, no kitchen is complete in the month of Dec without Christmas blend from Starbucks and a little splash of Bailey’s original to go with it.  This was consumed probably way too much by me, but when you’re...

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Mar 2015 It’s March and we have had flowers around the house twice!  Seriously, this is usually unheard of because of the winter weather but this year has been beautiful.  Keep it comin’ Mother Nature!          ...

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Baby Will’s Room!

  I thought since November has always been a ‘limbo’ month for me, meaning that it’s right in between two fairly large holidays, that it would be fun to do the reveal for our sweet boy’s room.  Also, I’m so thrilled that this month will forever bring a BOY...

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Halloween 2014

Yup – home made bunting 😉 Scarlet named this guy ‘Walt’.     BLAH!!  I can’t believe I have these guys around the house!       This one makes me laugh every time cause Nate kinda hates this skeleton.     I ended up putting these guys...

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Fall Decor

oh hey new Autumn pillows!  I kinda love your patterns…and colours.       Kitchen table with a gigantic silver pumpkin on there.  Just what we needed…   That’s a squash right?  I don’t know, but I really liked it so I bought it.   Oooooh.  So...

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August 2014

These were our ‘summer potted planters’ placed on either side of our garage door and one up at the front door.  I was really happy with them this year.  They were pretty and full of blooms the entire summer.  Even now at the beginning of Aug they are starting to...

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Laundry Room

Although the space isn’t totally finished (Nate will be tiling the back wall with little penny hexagon white tiles soon), I still wanted to show the room.  The best part about this room though is the fact that it’s upstairs. LIFESAVER! Purple and lavender accents...

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Master bedroom

Master bedroom before and after  Queen bed with the King duvet cover on it.  I bought that first to stay on track in terms of buying the rest of it.  Also, not totally sure what’s going on with the colouring of the photo here but the picture below is definitely more...

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