23 Weeks Pregnant!

This shot was taken by a really nice man on the beach – he could (clearly) see that I was expecting and having a bit of a hard time getting a snap of the four of us and so he offered.  I thought I heard the camera snapping away like crazy so in my head I was...

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Glam Jan 2017

If I could describe my beauty mantra in one sentence, it would be this – RENEWED hope in a jar.  Time and time again, I find myself needed to renew, review, replenish my beauty hopes and be a little bit more realistic as I age (with grace in mind).   The fact...

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Dirty dirty makeup brushes

It’s embarrassing to say how long it’s been since I last cleaned my makeup brushes.  I’ve read that it should happen for concealer and foundation brushes at least once a week is necessary to prevent buildup and that brushes around the eyes should be cleaned twice a...

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Honest Company

Glamorous?  Hmmmm, maybe not but I was sure excited and felt excited when I opened the Honest box straight from Jessica Alba herself.  Well, that’s exaggerating but you get the drift.   I feel good about using these products.  My sister-in-law turned me onto the...

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We LOVE New York

It’s difficult to describe NYC.   If you’ve been there, you’ll know that it can feel manic, tense and then happily pleasant all in a matter of a minute.  It’s like you’re rushing to get somewhere and you are constantly interrupted along the way by people,...

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The most beautiful ‘bag’ I’ve ever owned. I feel awful calling this gorgeous piece a bag – but that’s basically what it is to us Canadians.  This was a gift from my hubby and I just adore it in every sense – partly cause I helped pick it out.  Anyway – it goes in the...

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Viva Las Vegas!

Plane games…’where is momma’s nose?’ Hello there desert. Our ‘digs’ for the week Making herself right at home (in our bed) Just trying to get a nice family photo – impossible… Chocolate beauty Pool time! Soooooooo,...

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Mexico do-over trip

2016 Mexico Re-done (May) Here are a few of my favourite pics from our Do-over Vacation.  I would love to frame all of them, but let’s be real, I wouldn’t have any wall space left in my house if I did that so nope – not gonna happen.  Hope you enjoy.  xx...

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More Mexico Pics

I know – you get it.  We went to Mexico…again…cause we were all sick. But in case you wanted to see a few other random shots of our trip – here they are!  I often get asked what I do with all of my photos.  Well, back in the day, I...

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Our Do-over trip to Mexico

Here are the Coles notes of the full story: We travelled to Mexico in March of this year and everyone got horribly sick (except for me).  Our vacation turned into a bit of a sickies show.  We returned to Canada, saw my doctor and she flat out...

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