September eats

Sept ’16 A quick snippet of what I ate for a day while in NYC! First meal of the day was this gorgeous Lox and bagel dish that I ordered up to our suite.  I honestly could have eaten this every single day that we were travelling.  It was that good.  I’m a huge fan...

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August Eats

Aug ’16 Breakfast: I’ve been good and have had oatmeal almost every day these past few weeks, but today – I wanted a croissant and peaches.  It was glorious.  Coffee had a splash of whole organic milk. Ok – guys.  I NEVER do this.  But today – I was really into it.  I...

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SPUD Delivers!

  Prepping (and of course sampling) the apricots and they were so juicy and delish that I had to lean over so it wouldn’t coat my floors.   Can we pause for a second to admire these gorgeous colours?!?  Wow…   Professional smoothie tester....

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July Eats

July ’16 Breakfast: Two fried eggs with salt and pepper.  Coffee on the side I’m trying guys – Healthy lunch for the upcoming wedding in Sept! Salad with veg and a whole bunch of carrots and hummus.  Can we also take a minute to admire my gorgeous little dolly?  I...

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June Eats

June ’16 Breakfast Because there are organic berries on the waffles – it makes them healthy.  Lunch Caprese Salad (homemade with mozzarella cheese, roma tomatoes, fresh basil, and drizzled balsamic reduction) Snack Dinner Orzo with Pesto Basil Chicken and a side...

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May Eats

May ’16 Breakfast: We always bring a big bag of Oatmeal with us whenever we go on vacation.  Even though it isn’t the tastiest meal in the world, it’s really easy to whip up when the kiddos are starving, it’s cheap and it will fill you up till lunch.  We bought some...

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April Eats

April ’16 Breakfast: Two egg omelet with mozzarella cheese, red peppers, turkey and onions.  Starbucks coffee with whole mild added. Grilled cheese sandwich with more mozzarella cheese, red peppers and apples.  Green snap peas with THEE BEST basil pesto hummus in the...

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March Eats

Mar ’16 BREAKFAST! We had pineapple with yogurt in our oatmeal.  Delish! Lunch See that guacamole in the top left hand corner of the pic?  That was all mine and I’m pretty sure I finished it off no problem.  I also ordered shrimp and veggie skewers with rice and salad...

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February Eats

Feb 19th ’16 Breakfast by the fire! A stack of Panclocks (that’s what I’ve always called them) with organic power berries and pure maple syrup.  Coffee on the side. OH.  MY.  GAWSH!!! Grilled cheese sandwich with onion, avo, peppers and naughty ketchup.  I love the...

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January eats

What my toddler ate today! Jan 25th ’16 First thing in the morning, before anything else happens, both kids eat an entire banana. Scarlet then has a full bowl of oatmeal with yogurt and fresh berries. Snack – Fruit pack with Pear, Kale and Peas Lunch Yogurt drink (she...

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