I’ve never been one to ask for a gift, in fact, when I first heard about push presents (prior to having any children), I scoffed at the idea and thought ‘those selfish mother’s – don’t they know that the BABY is the gift?’.  Well, then I pushed a baby out of my body and fully embraced the idea of a present for all of my efforts (sans drugs I might add).  

Nate knew that I needed a new purse so when this bag appeared on the counter top about a week after baby Maksim was born I just about lost my cool.  I’m not a label snob but OH MY DEAR GOODNESS – pretty sure I fainted at just the wrapping.

My sweet and very glamorous new Prada bag, and if you don’t think mother’s deserve any presents for giving birth, I double dog dare you to talk to their lady garden’s and tell them so.  

#worthit #presentsallday #pushitrealgood #prada