The basketball 😉

How far along are you?
34 weeks !

How are you feeling?
In terms of the ‘cold’ – I’m feeling a bit better. I am currently working hard on not working, but that takes work for me. I aim to enjoy as much time (as possible with two kids) to chill during the day and attempt to go to bed at the same time every night. That’s also a challenge because Nate and I are addicted to Netflix and HBO when the kids go down. We cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie or a show – our current favourite is called BIG LITTLE LIES. Super addictive and I love Reese Witherspoon.

Any weight gain? 
1 pound this week putting me at 139 pds. Baby is so big and I love that she/he is measuring appropriately.

New symptoms?
Nothing new this week except maybe that my belly button is beginning to get flat. I suspect it will pop soon which I also think of as a little ‘timer’. Cooked!

General mood?
Can’t like – there were a few moments during the week that I was really grumpy (I suspected that baby flipped back to breech so that made me fearful of another c-section – I’d MUCH rather do a natural birth again), but for the most part I’ve been really eager and excited about meeting this sweet child.

PINK? BLUE? What say you? I’m thinking I may do another ‘guess the gender’ post on IG since it was super fun last time. We’ll see if I’m up for it though – it’s hard to move around!

I wanted my mom’s Banana muffins this week.

 Do you miss anything?
I miss a lot – mostly sleeping on my stomach – but the time is near. 42 days until the official due date!  

On and off. It really the size of my bump that is making sleep uncomfortable. Rolling from side to side is NOT easy in the middle of the night.

Working out?

Best moment this week?
Easter Sunday! I loved seeing the kids do a little Easter Egg hunt – so sweet. Scarlet started to share her eggs with Will when she noticed that she was finding more. Then William was putting the pink ones back into Scarlet’s basket after she started sharing with him. Talk about sweeties. My heart. It was nice that the kids were playing so well, especially in front of a bunch of our extended family. But I made sure to mention that they weren’t always this ’loving’ towards one another. HA!

What are you excited about?
Having this baby on the outside. I really really really want to meet this little soul and I’m eager to be un-pregnant again 😉 This third trimester has been fairly challenging for me but I know it’s almost done. Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday. Scarlet’s four-year update will be posted soon!!!


(I took zero pictures at Easter this year (regrettably) because I was just too pooped to run around after the kids, so you’ll have to forgive these selfies but it’s all I could muster up).  #34weekspregnant #preggo