Breakfast (her fave), teddy bear pancakes!

Sister and brother bear 😉

Girl and Boy goodie bags.

This is my favourite ‘goodie’ that we included in the bag – a little coin purse filled with four gold CHOCOLATE coins. So super cute I wanted one!

A few fun gifts for our girl.

I was actually REALLY disappointed after purchasing this gift. In my opinion the word ‘Zoomer’ means it will move – but it doesn’t – at all. The owner moves and it responds to your hand heat and occasionally has music that corresponds. All in all, I felt it was a very overpriced statue of a kitty cat that I wouldn’t recommend. BUT, having said that, both kids were thrilled and still play with it.

‘SOPHIE’ who Scarlet now sleeps with every night. She just loves these Beanie Boos.

Kay – but how cute are these undies?

Cheetah bathing suit. The cheetah is her all time favourite animal.

Prettiest birthday card I think I’ve ever seen!

While Nate and the kids put away their plates from breakfast, I ran upstairs and filled Scarlet’s room with 40 balloons. I think I’m going to keep this as a little tradition – 50 for Five, 60 for Six and so on. I didn’t expect her to react so enthusiastically when she saw them and it brought tears to both Nate and my eyes! She played in there until it was time for the party to start.

Nate and I agreed (as we usually do each year) that for Scarlet’s fourth birthday party we would keep it as small as possible. We would invite a few of her preschool friends and a few other close friends over for a few hours on the weekend. The decision was made because I just don’t have the energy right now to host a massive celebration and plus – it’s feeling like we’re transitioning from inviting OUR friends over to celebrate to HER friends over to celebrate.

The good news is that we kept to our goal and had a ‘smallish’ party – the funny news is I was still just as bagged and exhausted after it was all said and done.

But we had a lovely morning and it was a very do-able number of kids in our home – some of the parents even stuck around to help which was really nice.  I would absolutely recommend this for any four-year-old, Scarlet had an absolute blast and just loved every second of her special day.

So all in all it was a win for everyone.  Check back later in the week for Scarlet’s FOUR – YEAR – UPDATE!!!