Classic Plumber’s butt and the cutest little tush EVER!

Many of you who follow along might ask yourself; ‘What on earth would compel Kate, a busy mother of two at 6 months pregnant, to fly a fair distance around the globe (90% over the ocean where the plane can’t land anywhere should something go wrong), for a little beach time and a few virgin pina coladas?  

Well, I too had been and have asked myself the same question.  However friends, trust me on this when I tell you that when you are faced with the opportunity to take a Babymoon (as they call them), it does not matter how many challenges and inconveniences that you will probably find yourself looking at, I can promise you that the end result of the time away with your family will be worth every tear, every stretched muscle pulling that 1,000,000 pound suitcase, every claustrophobic feeling that you have on the airplane.  It’s just worth it in the end. Period.  

Here are a few more shots of our time away.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few days.  I’ll be posting a million more shots daily until Saturday XOXO  Luvs,Kate

Scarlet swimming with her: ‘BEST HAWAII FRIEND MADDIE’.

Reading signs about turtles coming up onto the beach.

Will’s reaction…

The most family oriented beach on the entire island – Poipu Beach Park (it’s because the cove is so shallow and calm).

We found the coolest teepee on the beach. Hours and hours were spent under those branches.