The kids at a Farmer’s Market which we attended as often as possible. SUCH GOOD FRUIT! I could eat it all day and night.

The Lighthouse in Kilauea

Back to our favourite place.

My sweet little superstar. If you want the kids to stay in one ‘zone’ on the beach, draw some patterns in the sand and they’ll race around in them without racing off.

You know how people always say; ‘Life is short – do what you love’, well, if I had the choice and ability, I would move my entire family Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins the whole meal deal (if they wanted to join) out to Hawaii.  The lifestyle and the laid back vibe is sooooooooo opposite of me and something that I am really drawn to.  I just feel like my soul is happy whenever we are there.  The beauty, the weather, the people, it’s absolutely our speed and we are already talking about when we’re going back.  Definitely a must see if you are thinking of a getaway and might I suggest staying for as long as possible if you are planning to go.

Hope everyone had a lovely Tuesday!  See you again tomorrow for some more shots 😉

Kate XO