Super duper proud Momma moment. There was zero help given, no prompting her to do it and she even has a capital ‘S’ at the beginning. This is a HARD name for a three year old to spell on her own and I’m so proud!

How far along are you?
25 weeks

How are you feeling?
Really good! Somedays I don’t feel pregnant at all. We were eating dinner the other night and I looked over at our reflection and saw my big bump and was slightly shocked! I kinda laughed and said to Nate: ‘I totally forgot I was pregnant and just saw my bump again!’ Kind of weird and awesome all at once.

Any weight gain? 
Oh yes. Haha. So, it’s been two weeks since I last weighed myself. In two weeks, I’ve put on 4 pounds – so that’s two pounds per week putting me at 130 pds. Baby is measuring really well and I feel good so I’m happy about it all 😉

New symptoms?
A bit of pressure in my lower half and occasionally pressure in my ribs since the baby is still breech.

General mood?
I’m happy!

Still a secret!!! We have some reveal plans coming up. Family will know first (but my BFF already has the info).

Drip coffee. We bought the best roasted blend of Kona Coffee in Hawaii and I want it before anything else in the morning.

 Do you miss anything?
No not really this week.

Has been good. I only get up once per night on most nights and that’s been fine.

Working out?
Prenatal yoga and leg exercises.

Best moment this week?
Last night I went to a fabulous Dance show at the new DJD theatre downtown with a few girlfriends. It was so nice having girl time and watching such talented little kids perform. The TALENT! I was really impressed.

What are you excited about?
Now that I’ve had a serious hit of Vit D I’m excited for Spring to arrive!

Ballet ballet ballet all day.

Hope you have a fabulous week everyone!