Weekly Pregnancy Update

How far along are you?

 13 weeks!

How are you feeling?

Still a bit nauseous and super tired.  230 pm rolls around and I’m like ‘DONE!’.   I was super nervous yesterday because I thought that perhaps because this pregnancy has been so different from the others that maybe I would be one of those poor women who experience nausea the entire time.  Let’s hope not…

Any weight gain? 

2 pounds for a total of 4 pounds putting me at 116

New symptoms?

Heartburn just started to emerge.

Certain odours have really been bothering me.  We made eggs the other day and the smell that lingered in the house just put me off.  When I open the fridge that doesn’t seem to be very appealing anymore and smelling certain shampoos and conditioners that are too sweet bugs me.

General mood?

Pretty happy and upbeat.


I’ve been thinking the little bub was a girl this entire time until we went for our ultrasound.  Then, when we saw the baby, it totally hit me.  I thought; “oh, that’s most definitely boy!”  Mostly because it was flipping and turning and moving around so much more than any of the other babies were at this point and right in the middle of the ultrasound, the baby opened both legs and all three of us (ultrasound technician included) stopped talking and were totally silent because it was fairly obvious that something extra was present.  But, the technician immediately said that it could have been the umbilical cord showing up in the picture and not necessarily genitalia.  Still too early to tell, but based on that entire experience, I’m thinking its a boy.  Just a feeling…

Scarlet is saying ‘I think it’s a girl, I think it’s a girl, PLEASSSE be a girl’.  It’s been difficult to convince her that it might be another brother.  She is convinced it’s a girl.  Both of my parents think it’s a boy, William thinks it’s a boy and Nate says he thinks its a girl.

What foods are you craving?

  I’m craving sushi (shocking)

Grandma’s homemade bread and butter

Pickles on grilled cheese

sugar cookies

  Do you miss anything?


Those pepperoni turkey bite deli meat sticks.

My energy.

My brain.


Has been great even though I’m just positioned on my two sides and my back.

Working out?

Teaching four dance classes a week.  I’m going to have to pull back soon because it’s feeling like it might be getting to be a bit much physically. 🙁  I love those darn kids so much it hurts so this will be hard to do.

Best moment this week?

Seeing that ultrasound.  There is nothing better in this world than the feeling of relief knowing and visually seeing that your child is doing well.

Also, Scarlet and I made a Gingerbread house yesterday while William napped and Nate put the lights up on the outside of the house.  She was so sweet and just dying to eat the candy decorations on the house but also was behaving really well so I let her have a little treat.

What are you excited about?

 Christmas decorating around the house.

Hope you have a lovely Monday friends.  Only five more monday’s till Christmas!!!  YIKES!