It’s difficult to describe NYC.  
If you’ve been there, you’ll know that it can feel manic, tense and then happily pleasant all in a matter of a minute.  It’s like you’re rushing to get somewhere and you are constantly interrupted along the way by people, art, culture, music, performances, poverty, riches, history – all of which makes things very stressful and confusing but in the most beautiful way that you don’t care if you end up being late because what you have currently experienced was so mind-blowing that you don’t know if the destination you originally had in mind will be just as amazing as what you’re immediately experiencing.  
That was a run-on sentence, I’m keeping it that way for a reason.
I always feel like that in NYC.  Like a glorious never ending run-on sentence.
We had a full (and I mean jam-packed to the brim) week in the city that never sleeps.  First, my brother’s wedding which was just the most beautiful day and memory for us and our family.  I can’t say that I have ever seen such a gorgeous wedding couple before and the bridal party was just jaw-droopingly beautiful.  I got to go upstairs and take pics of the girls getting ready on the morning of the wedding and it was so very special.
After the wedding, we toured the city for a few extra days both with my parents and then as a family of four.  We saw the MoMA, Grand Central Station, The Lincoln Centre, An Opera performance (Les PÊCHEURS de PERLES), Times Square, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Statue of Liberty, the city centre, the Daniel Wellington offices (hehe), The Plaza, Bryant Park, Central Park, Soho, Tribeca, 9/11 memorial and we rode the subway with the kids and the double stroller!   I was absolutely bagged getting home every night because our days were so hectic – but in a good way.
I can’t wait to return when the kids are a bit older.  I’m absolutely DYING to take them to see some shows, but I know they won’t appreciate them at this point in their lives.  
Hope you enjoy the pics!  Happy Wednesday friends!
The kids playing in Central Park right in front of our hotel (JW Marriott ESSEX HOUSE)

Reunited with her ‘best boy cousin’ as she calls him 🙂  Sweet Charlie xo

Grand Central Station

Bryant park – watching the jugglers

We found a carousel that played french music!!!  My dream come true.

We met up with Nate’s amazing business partner Devin who lives in NYC with his wife Andrea.

Best cookies in the city.

ok – if this isn’t Sesame Street come to life I don’t know what is.  I half expected Grover to fly out of the air and slam into the light post.

The statue of Liberty is behind us wayyyyy off in the distance (right above my left ear)

I told them we would get a little ice cream.

Brooklyn bridge!

Subway!!! (with a stroller which is extra tricky)

Just walking into Juilliard like they own the joint.

Playing in the art structure.

and making American friends. xx

The most gorgeous children’s book that I had to leave the Opera house shop with.  
The illustrations are just perfect.

Dad and Mom!

Outdoor lunch while listening to Opera music across the street at Lincoln Centre

Back to Central Park for a quick dip to cool down!

Shaky family selfie

Netflix and chill.  Another day well spent.
Museum of Modern Art

Kid centre where they will Mind your children with crafts and games while 
you walk through the museum!

My favourite piece of ‘popular art’ – in the flesh. 
Starry Night Vincent van Gogh who only sold ONE PIECE OF ARTWORK in his entire life.  It was only after his death did his pieces become extremely popular and sought after.

Needing a really good washing after every day.  The JW Marriott did NOT disappoint when it came to their bathtubs!

All ready for bed – and I too am ready.  Have a lovely night all!  
Lots and lots of love your way
(who will be dreaming of NYC)