Directly after being asked to write an article that would potentially be used in Birthmark Magazine, you could have stripped down to your birthday suit, danced a fancy gig and told me you were going to shave my head and I wouldn’t have noticed.  I was in shock.  I immediately jumped at the opportunity with fear and doubt climbing up my throat with every idea that crossed my mind.  I could have been ill at any given moment because my personal expectations were high.  So, I wanted the piece to SLAY (mommy style of course). 
So I got to writing it.  The top dogs at the magazine seemed to like it and my article was included in the June/July issue.  DREAM.  COME.  TRUE.  But the icing on top of the cake is that they want to work together again in the future, and this time they are willing to look at my pictures.  (Cue pre-teen just been winked at by her crush squeal). 

Here is the article.  I’m super proud (if you can’t tell) and I hope to write another soon.  PS, can someone please provide me with a piercing pinch in the arm cause I still feel like I’m making this up…
If you’re like me and need to zoom into things to see the fine print here is the link to the viewable version: