Plane games…’where is momma’s nose?’

Hello there desert.

Our ‘digs’ for the week

Making herself right at home (in our bed)

Just trying to get a nice family photo – impossible…

Chocolate beauty

Pool time!

Soooooooo, obsessed and in love with Grandma XOXO

We ALWAYS have to match.
Date night at the Bellagio.  We went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show ‘O’ and oh my gosh it was spectacular.  The performance was performed in a massive pool the was built specifically for the Bellagio theatre!  Just out of this world exciting.
Bellagio grand entrance

Up early with the kids, and then Will wants to nap immediately. #momlife

Room service with Grandma – yup that’s broccoli.  Scarlet’s new favourite veggie.
Our family of FIVE (nope I’m not pregnant, my amazing Mom joined us on our trip), headed to the desert for a super fun week.  Nate’s recycling company was invited to attend a conference in Vegas, so the kids and I decided to tag along.  I really wanted my Mom to join us on this trip because spending time with her is so amazing and the kids absolutely love and adore her (and so does everyone else on the planet).  PLUS, it was really nice to be offered date nights throughout the week.
The first few days, Nate wasn’t at the conference so we were able to get our bearings and feel comfortable in the city.  When it was conference time, he left my Mom and I with the kids and met up with us at night for dinner.  It felt like it was the same schedule as it is at home except that my mom was there to assist!   It really felt like a nice break for me.  
Here are a few shots of our fun getaway.  It was MUCH more enjoyable than I had expected it to be and I was surprised at the amount of fun day activities for toddlers and babies!  I would never have guess Vegas would be child friendly.  We’ll definitely return in the future. The kids at the Mandaly Bay Aquarium (pics below) are some of my faves – highly recommend that for families with little ones.
 Viva Las Vegas!!!
Gorgeous nightlife features all around town.

Late night mall shopping!

One of the coolest malls I’ve ever been in!

He thought about buying it, but I thought it was a little $$$$$$ for us…

I’m moving really fast but I still like this one – I just was completely obsessed with this wall.  

So many neat things to see!

Nate was feeling really happy.


Fascinated the entire time.

The neatest thing about Vegas for me was that right around the corner could feel and look totally different than the area you were in two seconds before that.

This amazing double stroller was a serious life saver.  So happy to have it along.

MnM store!

Our FAVE burger joint in all the land!

And although this beauty can be found right on the strip, we’ll be seeing her genuine beautiful self in NYC this summer when one of my brothers ties the know there!  Can’t wait for our next adventure!
Luv and hugs to you friends!