Mexico Re-done (May)
Here are a few of my favourite pics from our Do-over Vacation.  I would love to frame all of them, but let’s be real, I wouldn’t have any wall space left in my house if I did that so nope – not gonna happen.  Hope you enjoy.  xx
Shooting for our awesome friends at @epicteesshop on the beach.  Even though William isn’t a part of this particular shot (poor prince), it’s still one of my faves cause families of three are also EPIC (but four is ohhhh so awesome)
– and just cause he’s the cutest little guy on the face of the planet (in my very humble opinion), here is one of my fave shots of Will on the beach.  His happy place and mine.
Just SOOOO happy here…
I mean…
Probably my favourite pic ever of Scarlet and I.  Running hand in hand into the ocean with a Pink sky.  Nothing is staged or set up here and I just love it.
fave beach bum ever xoxo











Mexico March
Who’s excited to go to Mexico?  MOI!  Scarlet was a little scared of the plane which was weird cause she loved it last time.
But if she’s going to be this loud, I’m not going to be too excited anymore.
Needed Daddys hand.


It’s the best when the babies fall asleep in the first ten minutes of the flight!
Feeling WAYYYY happier.
Still out!  HOLLA!








Pretty pink clouds


















Yah – we’re basically twins…



The view from the hospital room was superb!






Beach nap























Big Girl Camera Pics













































Some of my favourite shots from the trip
As an avid (yes totally obsessed) picture taker cause I can’t quite call myself a professional photographer, I get a little…let’s say pushy with how I want a shot to look or who I want in the picture.  For example, my sister-in-law Laura and I were on our way to go shopping and I requested that she pull over onto the side of the road so that I could take non-creepy pics of her.  I even asked her to climb up into a snake infested rock pile to get the best lighting and she obliged cause she’s the best.  Haha.  Anywho, here are a few of my favourites from the trip.  Hope you enjoy!




I make Nate pull over so I can take pics of him too.





 This one below is probably my favourite out of the entire trip because everyone (including me) is just so calm and relaxed ON A PLANE!  Kids and babies get such a bad reputation on airplanes but really, I feel like they’re just expressing what we’re all truly feeling so we should be THANKING them for putting up a fuss here and there.  This pic though captures both kids super happy and just chill.  I know it’s cause Daddy’s around 😉
Friendliest friends
I’m so happy these two have one another.  I myself also had a few boy cousins and they were (and still are) really great guys.  I’m happy Scarly and Will have both boy and girl cousins and its wonderful that there is only 6 months in between Charlie and Scar.  They’ll have one another for ever!


One of the nights we were together, Scarlet and Charlie ‘hugged’ one another twelve (I counted) times in a row just over and over and over again.  The four of us adults were all just killing ourselves laughing at the two of them but they would look at each other, go in for a hug and then separate.  They were in their own little world.  It was amazing.




I think Will was feeling a little tired at this point.




But happy and lively again in no time.




Pool Fun with Scarly, Charlie and Will!
As the week progressed Nate continued to throw this little princess higher and higher until she was basically airborne with serious hang time.  Major confidence builder for her in the pool but major anxiety for her mother.



Fun splash pads!



Just relaxing


Uncle T has some shark skills

Making friends…









Charlie and Scarly!







Everybody’s favourite guy.











 I’m always ok with being Scarlet’s horsey for the day.
 The Welk Resort in Hidden Meadows just outside of San Diego.  They offer two bedroom suites with kitchens and two bathrooms – perfect (and necessary if we all want to sleep) for our little crew.






They even had the Disney channel!  Trouble…



Crib rental! #thankgoodness



So that was the unit.  Really great and spacious and QUIET!
More pics being posted everyday this week
The Littles do Mazatlan
Who’s got three pigtails, loves to eat and is a rockstar on the airplane?  This kid…
Air guitar




Hamming it up BIG time






Coppertone baby – we used SPF 60 on her at all times and kept her in the shade as much as possible.




Yes, my toddler has a wetsuit.







No booster seat!  Big girl… 😉


All smiles all the time.



Nate, (bless him) would swing him in the car seat for one of his four naps during the day so that I could spend more time on the beach versus the hotel room.  Now, that’s an amazing husband. LOVE that man. XO






Both kiddos slept in play pens (I KNOW!!!), because it was next to impossible trying to explain to the staff the difference between a crib and a square cage where children sit to play.  Oh well, we told ourselves that we would try it for one night to see how they did and they both nailed it so we didn’t make a huge fuss about it.
Will is still nursing so ‘food’ was super easy for him.  Scarlet literally ate everything we put in front of her and then asked for more.  She has now discovered a huge love for re-fried beans much to her diaper’s dismay.  But on the plus side – she’s getting some serious protein.  HAHA!
Have a wonderful day friends!
Day Date with Nate
Driving AWAY from the hotel where Grammy and Grandpa had the kids.  I think it’s safe to say we look pretty happy.  Break was clearly needed.



Things got kinda hot…



 I love these wall shots of Nate…


Our kids are waaaayyyyyyyyy over there somewhere … and they could be screaming their head’s off.



Mexican license plate
Driving back to the hotel.  I tried to get a decent pic but it was too windy so this is what we ended up with.
We swam in the pool and then took to the ocean.


 It was only a few hours without the kids but it really was so amazing to reconnect.
Cheers to Day Dates!
The Digs
We were lucky enough to be invited to stay with Nate’s parents Chris and Rob at their gorgeous time share on the SouthWest side of the long gorgeous Mazatlan beach.  Here are a few pics of the stunning rooms and grounds.
 Entrance down to the beach
 Everything was totally oversized which made it feel fun and fancy!


Fantastic outdoor Cafe.  I had a cappuccino almost every single day here.



 If you have AMAZING in-laws like I do (who nail everything about child rearing) I highly recommend travelling as a group with them.
 Outdoor patio and restaurant by the pool
 Perfectly manicured grounds


2014 A select few of our trip to the beautiful island of Kauai
The reason this poor child looks so stunned was because the flight was at 4:00 am.  That’s a 2:00 am call time.  Blah…  she was a total trooper though.
You bruise you buy.


They don’t make them like this in Canada


 The view from our house in Haena Place



 Beach Family


 Took a ton of guts to wear these trendy cheeky shorts.  Still felt like I had a wedgie the entire time, but Nate loved them so he was happy.




Under the pier at Hanalei – I was trying to get creative.




Daddy climbed a tree to get that coconut, and Mom was a little mad at him.  No injuries please. We’re on vacation!!!



 Botanical gardens on the North Side
Evening stroll with Dad




Dan and Nate bodyboarding


picks of the day








I call the pink one!



 The most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen







Hahahaha!  I had to include this one.  I was trying to make a sand angel and Nate caught me mid-sweep.  HA!


Didn’t really turn out the way I thought it would


Mom and I working on a puzzle





TURKEY 2012 – Just a few





Just a few from Mexico Cabo San Lucas of the million that I took…





Somebody is super happy