I know – you get it.  We went to Mexico…again…cause we were all sick.
But in case you wanted to see a few other random shots of our trip – here they are!  I often get asked what I do with all of my photos.  Well, back in the day, I legitimately went out and developed them and then put them in albumns!  I know, I’m old.  But here’s the thing, I really loved doing that and now I have all of these crazy amazing memories in big binder like books for my kids to see when they grow up.  Currently, I’ve been pretty bad about ‘developing’ because it’s so difficult to find shops that do it anymore!!!  Bizarre how times have already changed so much.
So, currently I have a gazillion and one on a little passport thingy that Nate bought for me.  I basically go through pics on my camera and delete the ones I know for sure I don’t want to hang onto.  Then I upload the ‘keepers’ onto my computer and then I organize them into dates and titles.  Then, I either make an ebook or transfer them onto my passport so they don’t take up too much computer space.  It’s a good system…
Anywho, here are the last bunch from this trip.  I’ll be posting my faves from the do-over Mexico trip at some point tomorrow in the ‘Travel’ section, and then I need to get uploading the VEGAS VACATION BABIES!
Will did NOT want to have anything to do with my kisses in this moment. Haha.

 Travelling back home 🙁

Until next time gorgeous xx
Check back tomorrow for my fave pics in the ‘Travel’ section and later in the week I’ll be posting Vegas!