Here are the Coles notes of the full story:
We travelled to Mexico in March of this year and everyone got horribly sick (except for me).  Our vacation turned into a bit of a sickies show.  We returned to Canada, saw my doctor and she flat out looked me in the eye and said:
 “Doctor’s orders, you need to have a do-over return vacation”.  Best Doc ever.
So we did!  We returned to a different part of the country called Nuevo Vallarta in the month of May and it was everything we could have hoped for.  We stayed at the Delcanto Resort which had the most incredible balcony view, very few people since it was the ‘low’ season, the weather was fabulous and the best part about the whole trip was that I didn’t hear anyone cough, sneeze, complain, blow their nose or moan in pain even ONCE!  Heavenly.  Here are a few pics.  Because I took over 2,000 in ten days (you think I’m kidding, I’m not kidding), I’ll be posting everyday this weekend both in the travel section and on the main page.  Hope you guys enjoy them!
Have a lovely weekend and see you again tomorrow for some more pics!