Wow, what a month.
Everyday in May outfit of the day was probably one of the coolest things that I have ‘had’ to do lately.  I really, really enjoyed it.  It made me feel accountable for what I was putting on my body daily because it forced me to think about what I was wearing rather than just throwing something on (like leggings or sweats).  I’m proud of the fact that I never once reverted to lulus which I have been known to do, and I also really appreciate the fact that I didn’t post something that was ‘un-authentic’. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be doing leggings or lulus in the very near future, but it was nice to actually CARE about my clothing and what I was wearing for an entire month, every single day. 
We’re travelling again to Las Vegas this weekend which means that I need to pack (ugh_).  It’s tricky having a blog and intsa account but I really do love doing it and this month (to date) has the largest amount of ‘hits’ and ‘pageviews’ ever which means that at least I’m pleasing a few of my momma friends (and others) out there with these posts.  Not that it matters, but it is nice to see some growth for some of the ‘work’. 
It’s very freeing to be able to talk and be creative and have fun.  I found myself saying that to my daughter yesterday when she was worried about being stressed to get to nursery school on time.  I said to her:
 “it’s ok if we’re running  a little late cause in life we are meant to be having FUN!  That’s what its all about”.  
No financials, no sponsorships, no likes, no follows, no page hits, no views, just enjoying the moment.  Enjoying each other.  Less stress, less hardships.  We need to chill.  ALL of us.  So chill.  CHILL FRIENDS and enjoy the life you were given.  

Love you, thinking of you, thank you so much for all of the love and support over this month of clothes and see you soon. 
Top: Joe Fresh
Jacket: Garage
Pants: Vicidolls
Booties: Vicidolls