Front door wreath
Let’s continue with this pic.  In my opinion, no kitchen is complete in the month of Dec without Christmas blend from Starbucks and a little splash of Bailey’s original to go with it.  This was consumed probably way too much by me, but when you’re coming out of ten months of sobriety during pregnancy – this is a nice transition back to the darker side.
Next up is this year’s gorgeous Christmas tree.  I took a few different shots of it just because I loved it so much.  I decided on the corner this year as opposed to the centre window area just cause it was feeling cozier.  Next year tho, I’ve decided we need two new trees – a kid tree upstairs and a pretty new white and gold one in our newly developed basement.  I’ll probably only end up getting one though… time is a big thing now around here.



This is a pic of our front foyer hutch.  It houses family pics during the regular part of the year but during the holidays this is the spot for my Snowman, my glass bowl (a wedding gift) and my beloved Nutcracker that I got as a pre-teen way back when I was obsessed with Nutcracker Ballet.  I was in the Ballet as a young dancer with the Alberta Ballet and always wanted to be Clara – but I was cast as a party boy instead.  #yupthatsthetruth
Part of our backyard.




Jingle Bells on the front door!  They rang every time someone came over!  So fun.
Our stockings this year.  Scarlet, Dad, Mom and Will’s new one!  I really like these but secretly hope for personalized stockings one day.
These are our Winter planters outside.  I love them because they smell amazing with the real ‘greens’ placed throughout.


At around 10pm Christmas Night we got a beautiful big downfall of snow which turned out to be a gorgeous ending to a very magical day.
Hope everyone’s Christmas was a safe and special one filled with love and family time.