I thought since November has always been a ‘limbo’ month for me, meaning that it’s right in between two fairly large holidays, that it would be fun to do the reveal for our sweet boy’s room.  Also, I’m so thrilled that this month will forever bring a BOY birthday party and excitement to this sometimes slow month.  So here is his little room!
Beachy 😉


His little boat shoes.  Kill me now…

Smooth waters

This stencil was really doable for Nate to knock out quickly.  He did it in under an hour and I just love the outcome.  We went with a tone on tone so it wasn’t too obvious, but I think it’s quite boat ‘ish’ and will work when we upgrade the little prince’s room in a year or two.  (Btw, Scarlet’s nursery is getting a big girl upgrade in the new year!)  Can’t wait to do that one.




Calming art…ahhhhhhhhh.








I loooove this rope mirror.  Seriously so perfect for the room.




Sleep sack ready to roll!  Even though he won’t be in it for quite a few months.


And can we talk about the closet here?  I think we’re stocked for the next while.  No, but honestly, I kept hearing how it was really hard to shop for boys and find cute stuff…hmmmmmmm not for this little momma.  I thought it was just as fun as looking for girls!!!  Since this pic was taken (about a week ago) I’ve done more because I just can’t resist the cutest of these boy outfits!  And Etsy?  Forget about it.  I have packages coming daily to the house because some of their handmade (not made in China) items are just so dear.  As you can see I’m extremely pumped to start putting him in some of these sweet things.  YAY!


Hope you enjoyed the month of November House – obviously Dec will showcase our Christmas decorations but may not be up for quite a while – I think I’m going to have my hands pretty full.
Have a great month friends!